Take the Plunge with Modern Vows

Many parts of the wedding ceremony are based on old fashioned traditions that date back hundreds and thousands of years, such as the white dress, father walking the bride down the aisle, and the exchanging of rings.

In order to drag weddings into the twenty-first century, many couples are forgoing the old customs in exchange for modern ones. These new wedding ideas include themes, secular ceremonies, and low-key affairs. Instead of formal tuxedos and luxurious wedding gowns, couples are having fun with themed costumes, like Star Trek, western, or vampire. It’s the most important day of your life, so you might as well have a little fun!

These changes add some excitement, but, if you’re a romantic like me, you want the wedding to include walking down the aisle, throwing a bouquet, and exchanging rings.

That said, I will admit that there is one area that I believe should be updated: the vows. Many couples are writing their own vows to account for the modern era, which fosters a relationship of trust ant faithfulness.

Modern Wedding Vows

We already swear to stay loyal to our spouses in sickness and in health, for richer or for poor, but now we face other obstacles.

You might promise to stay faithful, but what about flirting on Facebook? Does that qualify as cheating?

How about vowing to spend time together, and that doesn’t mean sitting sil,ently beside each other while watching American Idol.

Make your husband guarantee he won’t tune you out during football season and your wife swear to cut back on her shoe shopping.

Other 21st century vows include equal responsibility in parenting duties, maintaining your appearances after marriage, and splitting the chores.

By changing the vows, you get the rational of modern obstacles combined with the fairy tale of a traditional wedding. It is sure to be a spectacular event and loving union!