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Corporate Events

Tired of the same old holiday office party? Want to spice your presentations to your employees? Hold your corporate events at Los Angeles banquet halls!

Mirage is the perfect place to host corporate events because our only goal is to satisfy our guests. The large Los Angeles banquet halls can fit an entire building for an office party, a business meeting, or corporate presentations. We can provide all of the tools you need to run a business meeting, including projectors and seating. So change up the routine and treat your employees to work outside the office.

Office Party

An office party is the best way to reward employees for a job well done. The typical time of year for these corporate events is in December, during the holiday season. You can incorporate holiday facets like spiked eggnog, Secret Santa, mistletoe, and Christmas cookies. But if you really want to make the office party memorable, consider hosting it away from the work area, like at Los Angeles banquet halls.

People’s minds associate their location with how they are supposed to act, so an office party tells employees they need to behave like they are still at work. This hardly seems like a fun party.

The solution is to relocate. Mirage has an excellent reception hall that is large enough to hold employees and their spouses, so you can really open up the office party.

We are open all year round, so don’t feel constricted to come during the holidays. Find a day that works best for everyone and celebrate anytime!

Corporate Presentations

Corporate presentations are often dull, lengthy, tedious, and also completely necessary to relay information. But you can add some excitement to these corporate events by holding them at more friendly locations away from the office.

Many companies have their corporate presentations at hotel meeting rooms. These can be acceptable, but they are in the business of rooming overnight guests, not hosting corporate events. The rooms can be stuffy, the equipment faulty and the décor subpar.

Mirage Banquet Halls in LA are designed to accommodate large roomfuls of guests, whether they are dancing at a wedding reception or watching corporate presentations. There are many options available, contact the Mirage to find out more.