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Birthday parties are always fun, isn’t it? Lots of colorful balloons, vibrant decorations throughout the rooms and a lovely sumptuous cake. But that was way back in your kindergarten years, remember? Now you are a total grown-up and grown-ups tend to have a slick and super-cool birthday soirée of which they are going to keep an everlasting memory.

So, put on your creative hat, pull up your stylish sleeves and make your adult birthday bash a memorable one for yourself and everyone. Check out these top 6 ways to make an interesting adult birthday bash:

1. Casino Inspired – The perfect birthday bash for your gambler friend where you can deck up the rooftop with table games for the visitors, lively Bingo counters, an interesting Wheel of Fortune at one corner and unlimited booze. Nothing better than a fun-filled evening with your dear ones to celebrate the birthday party and a delicious Poker-styled birthday cake.

2. Yacht Birthday Soirée – Add some fun and adventure to your birthday bash by celebrating it on a swanky cruise ship or boat with your near and dear ones. While sailing on the clear blue sea, enjoy the sun-kissed moments and party like never before. With a live music performance and a heavenly brunch, this birthday party will definitely be a memorable one. If the yacht seems a bit out of budget no worries. We can always help turn one of our banquet halls here at Mirage into a cruise style ballroom and theme per your liking.

3. Cocktail Style – Dive into the world of music, excitement and varied range of drinks on your cocktail birthday party. The best way to get this party started is with a delicious margarita birthday cake for the birthday person and then a lineage of famous cocktails for the guests, followed by an extravagant dinner.

4. Beach Theme – Set up an interesting beach inspired theme for your adult friend’s birthday party, where you can arrange for a huge tent for the guests and fun activities. Miniature sand castles and fascinating props near the tent will give a beachy feeling to the birthday person and the guests as well.

5. Firework Displaying Birthday – This one certainly calls for action! Plan out your adult birthday party with professionals who would take the responsibility of lighting up the crackers and make a stunning firework display, right after you have cut that two-tier yummy cake. The guests would definitely be in for a huge surprise!

6. Retro Styled Birthday Soiree – If you had a long-time fetish for old retro films, then make your birthday one! With vintage styled decoration and a 1960-inspired birthday cake, this birthday bash will definitely be a classic one!